Community Involvement

Associations / Organizations

Yvonne Hendriks of Homes by Hendriks Inc. is an active member of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association Board of Directors and a co-chair person for the NHBA Membership Committee is an active member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

Yvonne was also Co-chairperson of Habitat For Humanity’s Women Build in 2015. This was a build that was comprised mainly of women. They built a semi-detached home in Welland that provided homes for two families.

Darren Hendriks of Homes by Hendriks Inc. is an NHBA RenoMark representative and an active member of the Renovators Council. He also has been a part of the Wise Guys Charity Fund as well as an ongoing supporter and advocate for Habitat for Humanity. Affordable housing is a current issue we are facing in Niagara. Darren has partnered with two different organizations to leverage the business resources and relationships to assist in building affordable dwellings for those in need.

Charity Events

Humanitarian Build 2011
Build for Hope 2011
Blitz Build 2010

Bursaries / Scholarships

Homes by Hendriks Inc. Construction Tech Award Recipients

2024 Stefan Lemmon & Vincent Pucci

2023 Logan Hildebrandt & Ryan Gunn

2022 Piotr Krupicki

2021 Charles Charlton

2020 Thea Freer

2019 Edward Nardini
2018 Jeromy Pretto
2016 Andrew Mambella
2014 Jacob Boville
2013 Jessica Howcroft
2012 Joshua Posthumus
2011 Adriano Passariello
2010 Tina Entwistle
2009 Andrew Masternak
2008 Bryan Filipetto
2007 J.J. Roubos
2006 Miles Torch
2005 Matthew Lemieux
2004 Daniel McGregor

Homes by Hendriks Inc. Design Tech Award Recipients

2024 Elisa Gabriele & Vanaselja Kaia

2023 Julia Huber & Morgan Leithead

2022 Payton Brownlee / Matthew D’Onofrio

2021 Frank Adzijevich

2020 Cameron McNeil

2019 Vincent Fracchioni
2018 Katelyn Barich
2016 Amanda Sipos
2015 Brandon Sciarra
2014 Lauren Bishop
2013 Emily Mason
2012 Rhiana Hendriks
2010 Dorian Taylor
2009 Ashley Schwab
2008 Ashley Crockett
2007 Larissa Rojenko
2006 Spencer Vandry
2005 Alison Hodson
2004 Peter Vandenarend

Initiated by Ron Hendriks in 2002 in recognition of the pending shortage of skilled trades people, Homes By Hendriks Inc. has sponsored two scholarships annually in support of the Blessed Trinity Secondary School graduates who will be pursuing a career in construction or related fields.

Congratulations to our recipients, and best wishes in your future studies!


Homes by Hendriks Inc. is an ongoing sponsor of various community events and initiatives.

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