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St Catharines Ontario

We have been proudly serving the general region of Niagara as custom home builders for many years, bringing the luxury home design options to those looking to step into custom home ownership. Whether you already have an idea in mind of the results you’re looking to obtain or if you’re looking for professional input on how to turn your dreams into a reality; making the choice to reach out to our team is the best possible way to design your home with skilled professionals as you see fit. 

Looking for an award-winning company to complete custom home renovations St Catharines area locals will love? If so then we are the builder for you! Contact us today and a building specialist will be happy to assist you.

Luxury Home Design Plans

We view it as our job to take your ideal home ideas and turn them into reality by providing you with all of the necessary information, blueprinting, permits, designs, and craftsmanship required. Our team consists of some of the highest quality home builders in the Niagara Region. Whether you’ve always had your dream home stowed away in the back of your mind or if you’re looking to find out more information on the various custom design house plans we provide; choosing to reach out to our experts will provide you with the best new homebuilders Ontario has to offer. From the initial consultation until the finished product is completed; we are always hard at work for you.

New Home Plan and Designs Done Floor by Floor

When working with our design professionals and custom new home builders in St Catharines Ontario, you have the ability to lean on the expertise of our professionals in order to design your space from floor to floor. If you’ve always wanted to have a theater set up in your basement or to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa retreat; working alongside our skilled professionals will provide you with the necessary expertise and input needed to perfectly design your living space. We are dedicated to bringing the best possible custom-built homes to the St Catharines area and we do so while always keeping your budget in mind.

Coming to Realization With Home Builders St Catharines Locals Rely On

We design and build original custom homes Ontario residents truly desire. After the initial consultation is finished and you are happy with the overall design, we then get our custom home builders to work on providing the necessary expertise to turn it into a reality. We have on staff, the widest selection of experienced carpenters, roofers, interior design specialists and more in order to provide you with a complete service from the foundation to the chimney. When you need to ensure that every aspect of your home is given the highest level of attention and care, choosing to reach out to our experts will provide you with the results you’re looking for. Not ready to undergo a full new build? Not to worry as our company also specializes in professional custom home renovations and additions. 

Move-In Ready

Homes by Hendriks are the new home builders Niagara region area residents can count on for the most complete services. It’s our goal to ensure that once our work is complete, you have a spectacular home and property ready to live in. We put the necessary care and focus on every single aspect of your property in order to provide you with a functional space the moment our professionals are finished. Go from apartment living to owning your dream property in less time than you would imagine through the professional and experienced services that the experts at Homes by Hendriks provide. Looking for Burlington home builders that you can depend on? Luckily we serve the city of Burlington Ontario too and are just a phone call away.

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