Are You Ready to Build a Luxury Custom Home?

A luxury home built to your preference is indeed a great financial investment, but there are several checkpoints to consider. One of the significant items of note is that there’s a lot more to a custom luxury home than just the build.

It’s essential to be sure you have the relationships and systems in place to handle all of the other aspects, from financing to construction to marketing and sales. So when will you know that you are ready to build your custom home? Here are some signs!

You Fail to Find the Ideal House

If you have been looking for a perfect house for a very long time, you may be trying to find something that does not exist. Perfection is a moving target; you can only find it when you’re ready. Depending on how long you have been searching, you may want to consider building your custom home. If you’re located in Southern Ontario, finding land and a great Realtor will make a huge difference.

You’re Good at Financing

Many people don’t know how to get the financing they need when building a custom home. If you’ve been good with the finances in your personal life, you’ve already got a head start. If it’s likely that you’ll be able to manage the complexities of home financing, then you’re ready to build.

You Have Enough Funds

You may want to consider other options if you don’t have enough money to afford to build a custom home. A custom home can be more expensive to build than standard pre-built homes, so make sure you have enough funds set aside. When you look to luxury and high-end finishes, there is a premium associated with doing so. Making sure you have adequate funding to build your ideal home is a consideration that can’t be left behind.

You Are Organized

Custom building is a series of several steps that requires thoroughness. If you’re organized and have a good sense of time management and scheduling, you’re on the right track. When you build with Homes By Hendriks, our team takes care of these complexities for you; allowing peace of mind and ease for our clients. From nuance to new build, we have you covered until you feel as if you’ve arrived.

You Have a Reliable Luxury Home Builder

Building a custom home doesn’t come without risks. Be sure you know what you are getting into and that you’re working with the right people. If you can talk to others who have built custom homes and figure out the risks and rewards, you’ll be all set. We suggest looking to our Google Reviews when considering the Homes By Hendriks team. There, you’ll find a collection of our previous customers and employees that have first-hand experience with our professional team.

You Understand the Process

A custom home is typically only one building project, but it’s a process that takes several steps and goes through several phases. If you ask your contractor how the process works and you understand the steps, you can go through with the project. With building a luxury home, there are dependencies upon difference sub-trades and employees within our business. A simple example would be that framing needs to happen before drywall, and drywall needs to happen before paint. Another example would be that we may need to wait for custom cabinetry to be hung before we can install above-cabinet lighting. Understanding this nuance can help those building luxury homes create reasonable expectations around timelines and milestones.

You Have the Necessary Time

Building a custom home and creating that luxury feeling at home will both take a considerable amount of time. It can take months to find the right home, build the house, and even find the right suppliers. If you are ready to invest the time and effort necessary, you may be prepared to create your custom home. Trust us: it’s worth the wait.

Are You Ready?

Building a custom home can give you an incredible freedom from dеѕіgn to customization. A new luxury build can give you a great sense of accomplishment. Be sure that you are ready for the excitement and expectations when you commit to building a custom home. When you’re ready; we’re here to help.

Homes by Hendriks is your trusted luxury custom home builder in Lincoln, Niagara Region, and Southern Ontario. We build our client’s dream homes with excellence and care by experts who take great pride in their work. Contact us today!

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