What is a Luxury Home?

Here at Homes by Hendriks, we receive a great deal of messages about unique projects based on our experience creating custom luxury homes. A luxury home is one of the most unique projects out there, as each finish, feature, and design choice is completed with luxury living in mind.

Discover what options and customizations are available and start living as if you’ve arrived.

Luxury Homes 101

A luxury build or remodel is not:

  • A pre-fab home
  • A modular home
  • Part of a mass home development project
  • The most low-cost way to build a home

A luxury home project is:

  • An exciting project to be a part of, for our team as well as the families we work with
  • A truly customized experience
  • A process that should be approached by a skilled and experienced construction team with a background in luxury work
  • Home to amenities that make life easier, and go beyond creature comforts to create a feeling of elegance, pride, features, and convenience
  • The Components of a Luxury Home

When it comes to designing and constructing a luxury home there are many moving pieces. The beauty of working with Homes by Hendriks is that we’re both experienced and engaged in the luxury aspects of home building.


What’s a house if you can’t call it home? Being located where you want to be makes all the difference. Prime real estate can be costly, but we’ve never encountered anyone that regrets placing their dream home in their dream location.


Technology can play a role in how luxurious your home is. While smart homes are becoming more common thanks to smartphone apps and smart plugs, high-end technology solutions without the set-up hassle are taking luxury homes to the next level.

Consider phone-based and voice-activated options for heating and cooling, lighting, appliances, and more for your build and step into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

High-End Kitchen Features

From wine fridges to heated flooring and hidden fridges, a high-end kitchen can always impress. There are unlimited options when it comes to customizing a luxury kitchen. Hidden fridges, freezers, and pantry units are all ways to create a statement in a high-ticket fashion.

Our team can help you construct a kitchen for families of any size, entertaining, and your ideal day-to-day.

Outdoor Living

Hot tubs and pools are becoming more common in homes of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a luxury statement, few things make more of one than a well-constructed pool with personalized landscaping. Couple this with decking and backyard entertainment areas, and you have a recipe for luxury that can truly impress.

Consider covered outdoor eating areas, custom in-set BBQs and pizza ovens, as well as multi-level decks that can create a space that stands apart.

Spas and Ensuites

No luxury home is complete without a master bedroom ensuite and/or spa. Amenities such as heated flooring, ambient lighting, hidden access points for devices can take any ensuite up a notch into luxury.

Custom tile layouts and glass enclosures can go above and beyond to create unique spaces that reflect your own personal style in a home that’s truly yours.

Walk-In Closets and Custom Bedroom Layouts

As with an ensuite, a walk-in closet is a high-end touch that allows bedrooms to breathe and avoid clutter. Spacious closets with custom lighting, shelving, and storage create a feeling of luxury by virtue of organization.

A step beyond that, connecting a walk-in closet to a custom bedroom makes all the difference. Unique ways to create an upscale bedroom include automatic blackout curtains, spacious windows with impressive views, wall-mounted or hidden tvs, as well as surround sound and smart home devices.

One-of-a-Kind Features

We’ll admit, even our team can be surprised from time to time when it comes to custom feature inclusions. As of this writing, we’re actively working on a project in Grimsby that includes a custom slide!

Unique features such as slides, gaming rooms, theatres, home gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, and indoor pools are incredible statement pieces that can take a home from high-end to higher.

If you’re looking to build your ideal home, whatever that luxury may look like, reach out to our team at Homes by Hendriks. We’re confident that we can create your quality high-end home with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.

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