Niagara’s Proven Custom Home-Building Process

At Homes by Hendriks, we build custom luxury homes for our clients. This means that your ideal design, style, and preferences are our vision.

Our team builds that vision with the highest-quality workmanship in the Niagara Region, all with the goal of making you feel like you’ve arrived.

Custom Home Quotes

In any area there are many builders out there that will offer a few pre-built shapes and sizes to their clients. That’s not how we build our custom homes. From the very first time you’re in contact with the Homes by Hendriks team, you’ll notice a different experience. A white-glove, done-for-you approach that is focused on quality and relationships of trust.

You’ll be contacted by a member of our team quickly and efficiently. An auto-response isn’t a custom experience, and that’s why you won’t encounter one with us.

We will first make sure that your custom home or renovation build is a project that aligns with our core values and skills.

From there, we’ll meet with you either in-person at your home, in our office, or via phone/video to better understand the full scope of your project and goals. We’ll then begin putting together your quote.


Designing Your Custom Home

Once we have your custom home quoted and approved, we begin the full design process. Each step of the way, you’ll have members of the Homes by Hendriks team on your side.

You’ll meet with our lead designer so that we can fully bring your home concept to reality. There will be no part of your home that’s left to chance.

With a professional designer in your corner, you’ll have examples of different layouts, styles, and options to choose from. Unlike mass-construction or pre-construction homes, each choice is up to you. You’re not limited to a specific set of textiles or design choices.

Building Your Custom Home

After the primary design stages are complete, permits are obtained, and drawings are prepared, we begin physically building your home.

With Homes by Hendriks, we document the process of our home builds internally, and across the web to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

You’ll be kept up-to-date on the process while our team and trusted sub-contractors work on your build.

During construction, you’ll be in close contact with our designer as well about interior design options that will make you feel like you’ve arrived once your new custom home has been completed.

Each phase of a home build has a different time frame allotted based on the size and scope of your new house! We schedule all phases of the build for you so that you can relax knowing your home is in the right hands.

Custom Build Completion

Handing over the keys to a newly-built luxury home; one of the most exciting parts of any custom project for us. Our team loves helping residents of the Niagara Region finally feel at home in a build that has been 100% designed to meet their preferences.

Not only do we enjoy the feeling of a job well-done, but we take great pride in knowing (and seeing) when we’ve hit the mark and truly made the dreams of our Homes by Hendriks customer family come true.

When you’re ready to book your custom build, look no further than Homes by Hendriks and contact us to get started!

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