What Makes a Home Luxurious?

A well-furnished house alone does not define a luxury home, nor does a high price tag. Instead, a luxurious home is one with features that make the owner feel pampered or indulged – feel as if they’ve arrived. There are several ways to ensure that a luxury home truely feels like one once it is finished when you create one. Let’s dig in!

High Ceilings and Natural Lighting

Modern homes emphasize open areas and natural sunlight. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors can help your home feel luxurious by making it appear spacious and bright. You’ll notice these on many of our recent portfolio builds, as our team stays up-to-date on current trends.

When attempting to utilize the available natural lighting to its fullest, take into consideration the orientation of your area as it relates to sunrise and sunset times.

Contemporary Rugs and Flooring

Pick modern flooring options for your home that give it an affluent feel. Flooring alternatives for a luxury home include marble, travertine tiles, and customized hardwoods in a multitude of different shades.

Particularly with open-plan designs, adding some accent rugs softens the appearance of your flooring and helps create distinct zones. Be sure to work with a trusted designer to find rugs that work in your space.

Dressing Room with a Unique Design

Since everyone now has a walk-in wardrobe, go a step further and design your own dressing room for your master suite. Depending on your requirements, you can add particular components like watch and jewelry storage compartments, shoe and bag shelving, and a cozy lounging area.

The most customized and luxurious dressing rooms or walk-in closets are those that have designs built around the interests and clothing choices of the owners. If you’re a show buff, high-end display cases can make the difference. If you’re a dress person, a custom mannequin to pose outfits on might be in the future!

Choosing features that align with you and your home is what builds pampered luxury.

A Luxury Butler’s Pantry and the Custom Chef’s Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design and appliances, the options are nearly endless. Create a chef’s kitchen in your home to upgrade it and make it ideal for both cooking and hosting. Building a kitchen around how you will use it is a way to not only harness luxury, but also to create a custom home that’s enjoyable to live in.

For some, that means using commercial-grade surfaces and appliances, a built-in coffee maker, a separate wine refrigerator, and an instant hot water tap. These features are all complimented by a butler’s pantry to your home to increase room while you entertain, store your goods, prepare food, and hide the trash. Having a butler’s pantry is becoming an increasingly popular luxury kitchen option, as the space necessary is a luxury in itself.

Covert Technology

A luxury home would not be complete without integrated technology, and these days it’s simple to conceal your technological upgrades. Having a smart home can

Think about items like automated lighting and air conditioning so that you can manage the lighting and climate in your house with the touch of an app.

Better yet, with the sound of your voice.

Install voice-activated speakers in your home so you may play what you want when you want. You can even add remote-controlled blinds that can be opened and closed both inside and outside, and have smart home assistants learn your routines to make your experience seamless.

Space Outdoor Activities

There is more to luxury homes than just what is inside. Establish the ideal outdoor entertaining space to host your family and friends.

A lavish atmosphere can be produced with the aid of fully functional outdoor kitchens, plunge pools, outdoor movie screens, mood lighting, and soaring patio ceilings. Having the ability to entertain, relax, and indulge in one space is a luxury that most don’t have, but is key to creating it.

Personalized Spaces

No luxury home is complete without spaces that showcase your hobbies and passions. Consider your personal preferences and design your space accordingly.

It may be anything from a library or climate-controlled wine cellar to a cutting-edge home gym or high-end theater area. When creating a luxury home, the options are truly limitless.

Even though everyone has different décor preferences and lifestyle objectives, you can achieve luxury in your house by incorporating the most cutting-edge conveniences, amenities, and technologies alongside your style.

If you want custom luxury homes in the Niagara region, Homes by Hendriks is your best choice; we’re the Niagara Region’s trusted luxury builders, delivering custom builds, luxury projects, and unique projects that make you feel as if you’ve arrived. Talk to us right away about your custom design as we’re always planning our upcoming build schedules!


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