Luxury & Estate Home Features Worth Considering

Building a dream and building a home are one and the same.

When it comes to building a luxury or estate home, the dream is realized uniquely and as a statement.

With a Homes By Hendriks luxury build, our most important priority is that you feel as if you’ve arrived and can realize your ideal lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of luxury & estate home features that set these properties apart.

What is a Luxury Home?
A luxury home is one built with a focus on high-end fixtures, unique or custom finishes, which go beyond that of the average consumer home. The expected level of workmanship, materials, and quality in communication is much higher than you would see on a typical builder-grade home or built-to-suit subdivision. Luxury homes and renovations are one-of-a-kind creations that reflect the vision of their owners, which is brought to life from architects and designers to cabinet-makers and construction crews.

What is an Estate Home?
An estate home mirrors the high-end qualities outlined above that we see in luxury homes, and the two are most often explained as, and considered the same. The primary defining characteristic of an estate home is that is accompanied, or rather, surrounded by a great deal of land. Buyers and builders of a certain calibre are not only looking for an excellent home, but additional land to build, grow, and enjoy. Typically, older, larger homes on land are most likely to be classified as estate homes that have 5+ bedrooms.

The Most Exciting Reasons to Build a Luxury or Estate Home:

  • 1. Your home will truly be like no other; one that’s unique to your family and expression.
  • 2. High-end features not only exude elegance, but also offer convenience in the form of time savings, cost/energy savings in the long-term, and ease of use.
  • 3. Larger homes are often those that families are able to enjoy longer, even as they grow and change.
  • 4. Estate homes with many bedrooms allow for families to easily renovate to include a “granny suite,” or use the existing structure to house relatives, guests, or rental income opportunities.
  • 5. Clout: while not everyone is interested in this unique perk of a luxury home, many homes from luxury builders such as the team here at Homes By Hendricks are often featured in design and architecture publications, as well as across social media platforms that highlight noteworthy homes.

A Word of Caution to Estate Home Buyers
If you’re considering buying an estate home, be sure that the term being used is correct. Sometimes, homes can be sold as part of “an estate” when the owner passes away and that person’s estate chooses to sell the home. While that’s not necessarily a negative thing, be sure that you’re working with reputable builders, lawyers, and real estate professionals to ensure your expectations will be met.

Wondering Which Type of Home is Right for You?
When you connect with the team at Homes By Hendriks, you’re not simply connecting with a builder. You’re working with the premiere luxury and custom home builder in the Niagara Region. That means that you have a full team of experts on your side to help you with every step of the process. We aim to ensure our clients feel the effects of white-glove service and ultimately end up in a home worth remembering.

Arrive, with Homes By Hendriks.

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