What Makes Us the Top Custom Home Builder in St Catharines

Growing a reputation is something that takes time, dedication, hard work, and proof. A reputation is something beyond words, immeasurable by simple rules.

Here at Homes By Hendriks, we’ve been building high-quality, luxury homes for 60 years!

As a family business, every project we take on is a passion project and an investment in our reputation. A way of serving our community to the best of our ability.

Skilled Partnerships in St Catharines Luxury Building

As a custom and luxury home builder, we realize that every home build is bigger than us. We’re creating homes that families will love to be in; homes that will be the hearts of fresh-pancake mornings and cracking fire-filled nights in.

We only work with the most-trusted companies in our area. What does this mean for you? Our brand only chooses to partner with skilled subcontractors that hold the same prestigious values that we do. Our subcontractors are those with a reputation of quality craftsmanship, punctuality, and integrity.

We take these values to heart with every partnership we create.

A Portfolio of Luxury & Elegance

We understand that choosing a luxury home builder isn’t a simple choice. Our clients have high expectations that we consistently exceed in the pursuit of arrival, which is why St Catharines continues to choose us for luxury builds time and time again.

Choosing a custom home builder is an even more complex choice, as many builders have a rather basic idea about what custom means. Custom is more than just black or brass hardware on your cabinets. Custom is a representation of you, your family, your unique style, and your lifestyle.

Using visual examples and viewing other luxury homes can help you determine what your design preferences are, while also demonstrating the quality we’re known for.

We share our most prominent builds transparently using our online luxury St Catharines home portfolio.

A Proven Process

Without a process, any project can go sideways quickly. Having a process in place for creating custom builds allows us to think creatively, while never missing any important steps. From permits to planning, design to excavating, our team knows exactly what steps and checks are required to move your luxury home build forward.

We have honed and polished this process; refining it to perfection since 1961 to ensure that we’re only building the best homes our area has ever seen. When you drive by a Homes By Hendriks build, you’ll know—thanks to the attention to detail our process allows.

Best in Business

It’s about the little things when it comes to building a grand vision. Attention to detail can look like custom lighting under your cabinets, hidden seams on siding and between rooms. Attention to detail usually looks so impressive that you can’t see it. We’re focused on this attention to detail every step of the way.

Homes in our portfolio have been featured in national and international design magazines and publications. We work with award-winning architects and hire employees with a proven track record of excellence.

Simply put, when you choose Homes By Hendriks for your luxury home in St Catharines, Jordan, Fonthill, or beyond, you’re choosing a contractor with your best interests at heart. Reach out: we’re ready to build your vision.




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