Why We Love Luxury Homes in Fonthill

Fonthill, Ontario is an incredibly unique locale for homeowners to choose. Nestled between gorgeous Pelham’s sprawling farmlands, acreages, and luxury estates and the populous St. Catharines area, Fonthill is special.

What makes Fonthill so special?

It presents an air of luxury, calm, and exclusivity. There’s limited land, homes, and space. Many of the homes in Fonthill are unique and custom-created. Lawns and well-kept and schools hold positive reputations. These small touches make neighbourhoods unique and impressive. You’ll find restaurants filled with local produce and reliable regular visitors.

Why Do We Love Building Luxury Homes in Fonthill?

Fonthill’s luxurious and exclusive nature is what makes it special to us. Right in our own backyard, we’re able to create custom home experiences with impressive tree-filled views and exciting elegance. That feeling of arrival we’re always talking about? That’s commonly found in Fonthill. You’ll notice that homes in Fonthill and Pelham are cozy and welcoming. The amenities and nature available are impressive and some of the finest across Niagara’s escarpment-focused landscape.

Taking cues from local farms and farmhouses, builds in this area are able to be impressively modern with a rustic appeal that works because of where they’re located. When you’re working with a custom home builder such as Homes By Hendriks, it’s important to consider the little details like this to ensure you’re getting an experience worth living, each and every day.

For example, take this home on the cusp of Fonthill and Pelham:

custom home in pelham, ontario

Aside from a unique timber and stone design with red board and batten, the home’s area itself is a standout attraction. Close to amenities, but yet nestled among the trees with a view of nature, this home’s lot is truly impressive. This custom home was built to enjoy both inside and out.

You might notice that there’s a three-car garage and loft. This is an excellent way to take advantage of all the area has to offer. How? Fonthill, Pelham, and Welland are uniquely positioned with trails and nature where residents can enjoy dirt bike riding, ATVs, hiking, and other photo-worthy adventures.

Having simple pleasures in your own backyard is truly a unique home feature.




How To Start Your Custom Niagara Build:

Choosing to build in Fonthill is both a fantastic and forward-thinking choice. The area’s popularity and exclusivity have both boomed within the last 5 years and show no signs of slowing down. If you’re ready to build and uniquely-you home anywhere in the Niagara Region, there’s no better builder than the team here at Homes By Hendriks. Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality is second-to-none, and has been for over 30 years!

We’ve broken down exactly what our custom home-building process looks like for our exclusive clients to ensure that you’re in the loop and involved as much (or as little!) as you wish to be from the moment your project begins. Check out our building process blog post here!

When you’re ready to get started, reach out! There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping to bring your vision and style of living to life! Especially in something as special as your home. After all, you’ll arrive each and every time you walk through the front door.



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