What’s the Difference Between Luxury & Custom Home Building?

Luxury and custom home building in Niagara is what we do. We’ve built a reputation for creating the most unique homes for families throughout The Region. Our homes and design work are featured in industry publications and online forums that highlight the attention to detail and customization we focus our efforts on.

We’re often asked: what is the difference between luxury & custom homes?

The truth is, a custom home is a luxury home, and vice-versa.

Luxury Homes

When you’re looking to live in luxury, the most luxurious and enjoyable aspects of that home are those that are unique to you. We make sure that our clients feel as if they’ve arrived when they step into a home built by Homes By Hendriks, and the most important part of that is customization.

The luxury itself is inherent not just in high-end features, but in how those features are customized to the family enjoying them.

Custom Homes in Niagara

The Niagara Region, from Grimsby to Lincoln, and St Catharines to Niagara-On-The-Lake is a beautiful place. While there are many “custom home builders” in the area, few mean custom, let alone custom luxury.

For example, check out this luxury home in Pelham or this custom brick build on Lake Ontario in Grimsby.

A custom home isn’t just one where you get to pick the paint colours and doorknobs. A custom home is one where each room is designed with the purpose and attention-to-detail that only come with luxury. If you’re being sold a custom home where the full build isn’t created uniquely for you, it’s not a truly custom build.

A Custom Home Recap:

High-end finishes, custom design, thoughtful functionality.

Those are the things that make a custom home luxurious, and a luxury home custom.

When you’re looking for a home that’s built for you in the Niagara Region, look to Homes by Hendriks for:

✔️ Quality craftsmanship

✔️ Excellent reviews & reputation

✔️ Trusted subcontractors

✔️ In-house design work

✔️ Family-owned & operated

✔️ Clear, custom communication

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