Custom Homes in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has long been a point of pride for Niagara Region residents, as well as a point of growth and opportunity to create a beautiful future in a topographically unique area. When it comes to improving the landscape of the region, from the falls to the escarpment’s edges, Homes By Hendriks has been doing exactly that since inception.

Custom Homes

The team here at Homes By Hendriks is known for creating homes that take customization and uniqueness to a new level. Our builds challenge the norm in order to make our clients feel like they’ve arrived. Each and every time they enter their home.

What makes a home in Niagara custom? High-end, luxury finishes are the most dominant way to make a truly unique home stand apart. A custom home is functional, beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. A custom home is like no other.

You won’t find a Homes By Hendriks project alongside rows of other, identical homes. You will only find our work standing apart from the norm, pushing boundaries, and catching looks from afar.

Custom Features in New Home Builds

No two homes should be alike, and each home should reflect its family’s style from the front door to the style of every room within. Some of the custom and luxury features that can take your home from typical to incredible include:

  1. Heated Floors
  2. Hidden refrigerators & kitchen features
  3. Soaker tubs
  4. Custom cabinets
  5. Pot fillers
  6. Refinished wood features
  7. Vaulted ceilings
  8. Uncommon architecture & design elements
  9. Wireless & connectivity: from lights to heating and beyond
  10. Stunning views, outdoor living spaces, guest suites, pools, and more!

How Custom Build Projects Work

In a previous post, we shared our full build process. At a high-level, creating your custom Niagara Falls or Niagara Region home operates similarly to these steps:

  1. Contact the Homes By Hendriks team
  2. We’ll work with you to complete your custom, luxury home quote
  3. Our team will closely work with you to design your home according to your lifestyle, preferences, space, and beyond
  4. Permits and drawings are completed and approved
  5. Your custom home build begins
  6. Our team ensures quality every step of the way through rigorous quality control processes and selective vetting of subcontractors and partners
  7. We deliver your custom home to you: from our family-owned business to your family home

Are you ready to step into a home that makes you feel like you’ve arrived? The team at Homes By Hendriks is. Contact us with your dream build ideas today.


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