Luxury Kitchen Renovation & Building FAQs

What Makes a Luxury Kitchen?

There’s a difference between the average kitchen and a luxury kitchen; those in the Niagara Region know that the true difference is a kitchen from Homes By Hendriks. From design to reality, the team at Homes by Hendriks incorporates your vision, design styles and trends, safe construction, and high-end finishes to build you a kitchen like no other.


What Features do Luxury Kitchens Have?

Luxury kitchens are one of the most exciting and impactful parts of building or renovating any luxury home. Features that take a kitchen from everyday to high-end can include:

Pot fillers: luxurious taps over one’s stove to allow for easy access to water when cooking.

Luxury tile: custom or uniquely-sourced tile and back splash is an understated way to make a statement

Custom cabinetry: cabinets that are custom to your kitchen are one of the most identifying marks of a luxury kitchen project. Luxury wood products for custom cabinets can truly set you apart from the pack.

Built-in wine coolers: there’s nothing worse than a mini fridge in the corner of a kitchen. Whether you’re a wine lover or a great host, having a built-in wine cooler is a cool statement piece for any luxury kitchen.

A hidden pantry: an old-school feature that is now becoming more common and high-end, the luxury of simply having a hidden pantry is enough to stop the show.

Hidden fridges & handle-free cabinets: Using cabinets to “hide” fridges and other appliances is not only in style, but a clear separation between a builder-grade home and a luxury, custom home project. Beyond hidden fridges, handle-free cabinets can also create a minimalist look not found in the average home.


How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen

We recommend having an idea about what kitchen features matter to you. When you meet with our team and designers, they’ll know exactly what questions to ask to ensure you’re getting your ideal kitchen and beyond.

When planning a kitchen that is designed for a luxury home, it’s important to plan ahead. For example, knowing what type of finishes you’re looking for on your cabinets, back-splash shades, and counter top types can play a substantive role in determining the overall style of your kitchen.

Working with a team with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail can make all the difference. Book your luxury kitchen project with Homes By Hendriks today. Stand out from the rest, make a statement, and arrive home.

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